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Temperature sensors generally

Instructions for the handling of temperature probes, English and Swedish
Advice on handling temperature sensors, colour coding, connection rules,
test and identity certificates.
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The instructions above in other languages

 - English and German
 - English and Italian
 - English and simplified Chinese
 - English and Spanish
 - English and Portuguese
 - English and Polish
 - English and Russian

Wire dimensions and resistance for thermocouples and Pt100 Trådresistans -w 100
Pentronic's steel guide
Table showing common steel qualities used in Pentronic's production
with the corresponding standards and trade names.
Stålguide -sv -w 50



Colour codes for thermocouple materials (IEC60584-3)
The IEC code is world standard while American and some national standards still occur in installations.

Färgkoder TC-material -w 50
Tolerances for thermocouples (IEC 60584:2013) Tolerances According To IEC 60584-2013
Tolerances for thermocouples (ASTME230/E230M-12:2012) ASTM E230-E230M
Tolerances for extension and compensation wires (IEC 60584-3) Anslutningskabel IEC60584-3-w 50
Thermocouple wire and extension wire - a survey TC&ext -wire -survey -w 50


Pt100 sensors (RTD)

Tolerances for assembled Pt100 sensors (IEC 60751-2008)
Tolerances are changed while the resistance/temperature ratio is not changed.

Tol -Pt 100-IEC60751-2008-w 50

Explanations to standard IEC 60751-2008
From the Pentronic News 2009-4.

SE09-4 Om IEC60751-2008-w 50

Consequences of 2-, 3-, and 4-wire configurated Pt100 sensors
The number of leads determines the possible accuracy of the measurement.

2-3-4-wire -connected -Pt 100-w 50

 IR-pyrometers (radiation pyrometers)

IR wavelengths for different targets - "cook book"
Also shows the transmittance of the IR-wavelengths through air.

IR-våglängder -w 50


Produkt Guide PRelectronics  Produktguide PRelectronics
PRelectronics 3000 series  PR3000_folder _EN