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Accredited calibration

Accredited calibration with certificate

Calibration certificates with the accreditation symbol - see picture - guarantee traceability to the international temperature scale, the ITS-90, within the stated measurement uncertainty. The reason for this is that the laboratory follows the standard ISO/IEC 17025 combined with very thorough inspections performed by the Swedish accredited body SWEDAC.

Pentronic’s laboratory performs the following calibrations:

Certificate _IR-thermometer

This IR-pyrometer is calibrated within the accreditation. Both instrument and calibration certificate are marked with the symbol of accreditation.

Fixed-point calibration

The fixed-point calibration is performed by measuring directly into a fixed-point cell. This gives the lowest possible measurement uncertainty. The method is used to calibrate SPRTs (Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers) but can also be used for other Pt100/RTD- sensors and thermocouples. If two or more fixed points are used intermediate values can be calculated.

Comparison calibration

The object of calibration is compared to a calibrated reference thermometer system in a stable bath or furnace. This method yields calibration of Pt100/PRTs and thermocouples at arbitrary temperature points.

Indicating/recording instruments with sensor

With this method a complete measurement chain including everything between sensor and presentation (registration) of measured value can be calibrated. Normally this gives a lower total measurement uncertainty than with separate calibrations of the parts of the chain. Individual calibration of complete measurement chains demands that you register all individual calibration data and change it if you are replacing anything in the chains. System calibration can be performed using fixed points or comparison methods.

IR-Radiation pyrometry

The IR-pyrometer is compared to a calibrated reference pyrometer measuring into a blackbody radiator.

Dry-block calibrators

We perform calibration of dry-block calibrators according to the EA and method EA-10/13. (See

Triple -point -cell

The triple point of water defines 
0,01 °C of the temperature scale 
ITS-90 and is its fundamental fixed point. This cell can realise the fixed-point temperature in fractions of 0,001 °C.

Calibration on customers' sites

Since 1999 we are accredited for calibration and measurements outside the laboratory, i. e. on the customers' sites. Please contact us for more information.

Other quantities

Our accreditation for resistance concerns fixed resistors as well as resistance decade boxes. Electric current concerns current sources and measurement instruments for direct current.

Extended accreditation

Continuously Pentronic is working in order to increase the services and to improve the performance of the laboratory. The link Limits of accreditation shows the valid accreditation of the laboratory.

Laboratory _work _LG

Work in the accredited laboratory has to be very systematic.
The standard IEC/ISO 17025 demands detailed procedures and methods for all operations.
Here a standard sensor - SPRT/Pt25 - is operated in a highly stable stirred water bath.

Response time measurements

We perform measurements of response times as well as measurements in climate chambers. These measurements are at the moment not included in the accreditation.

About the laboratory

Our experience of thousands of measurements and calibrations has generated invaluable knowledge and know-how which will be shared by our customers. It may concern how to design reliable and safe sensors as well as guiding the customer to optimal methods and equipment for his own laboratory. Not to say the least, our training courses have been successfully based on many years experience of the accreditation.

The laboratory is separated from Pentronic’s normal organisation and Pentronic must not interfere with the procedures of the standard ISO/IEC 17025. The staff of the laboratory maintains professional secrecy regarding external work within the accreditation.