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Calibration - accredited laboratory

Accredited calibration

Calibration certificates, here with the symbol of the Swedish recognised accreditation body, give confidence to the competence and work of the laboratory. Pentronic’s temperature laboratory was accredited as early as 1988.

AKL17025v2 Certificate _thermometer


The extent of accreditation

The SWEDAC has settled the following limits of range and related best measurement uncertainties for Pentronic’s accredited laboratory.

Kalibrering _SPRT

Final inspection - Production

Delivery certificate "3.1"

As far as it is physically possible temperature sensors are tested individually before delivery. The test results are reported in a test certificate according to the EN 10204 3.1 standard. The serial number label of the individual sensor shows that the sensor has passed the test. Certificates issued in 2005 and later will be found in section Certificates.

9001-14001-blue-w100 Final _inspection _labels



At the delivery test equipments are used whose properties are traceable to Pentronic’s accredited laboratory. The traceability is maintained by procedures of our ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

Final _inspection _S