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Accredited calibration with certificate

Accreditated calibration is the most reliable form of calibration that is available. Swedac is the Swedish authority qualifying laboratories to be accredited. After approved accreditation Swedac inspects the laboratory work yearly in order to check that the quality is maintained.

Extent of accreditation

Measurement uncertainty is used to specify the quality level of the laboratory. The measurement uncertainty is settled by Swedac for each of the measurement ranges for which the laboratory is accredited.

Final inspection

Final inspection is performed with traceability to the International Temperature Scale, 1990, (ITS-90). Normally this means that our product (sensor) is compared to a working standard thermometer which in turn is calibrated under accreditation. Final inspection also includes other parameters like insulation resistance when applicable.

Theory of calibration

In the theory section you can read much more about calibration



Words like calibration, correction and measurement uncertainty may seem vague for a not informed person. For this reason Pentronic gives training courses explaining these terms and also temperature sensors. begrepp.



Here you can find the results of individual final inspection tests performed on your sensor order. The test results fulfil the standard EN10204, paragraph 3.1. The key for finding your sensors and test results is our order number or the individual ID marking to be found on the sensor.