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Pentronic News

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The Pentronic News is our magazine requested by international customers since long time. The PentronicNytt was started in 1990.

Ideas and viewpoints

Ideas and viewpoints concerning Pentronic and the Pentronic News magazine will be received with great interest by the editor.

Free subscription, change of addresses, cancellation etc

For free subscriptions, changing addresses, and cancellation of the paper magazine contact us at subscription register giving all necessary address details.


What does the Pentronic News contain?

Visiting customers

In each first page we visit a customer of Pentronic - your measuring collegues - at their working site. See the pictures to the right of this text.

Technical information

The Technical information pages may give you the answer of your questions. Besides, don't forget to check our Theory pages.

Ask Questions?Answers!

If you are interested in temperature measurement techniques and/or heat transfer problems formulate a question to professor Dan Loyd at Linköping University and he or we will be happy to give you an answer.

Straight from the lab

Pentronic's accredited laboratory performs high quality temperature calibrations and is revised regularly by Swedac (the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment). "Straight from the lab" gives you news about calibration and what is going on in the lab.

More of the contents

We write about other things that we think will be of interest for our readers: News of the branch, temperature related know-how, sensor standards, and of course what we are doing here at Pentronic to make your work easier.

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