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Flow meters with precision

German KEM is world leader making high precision flow meters for measuring tasks where accuracy is the top requirement. KEM has an accredited calibration laboratory of their own for flow. Every flow meter is delivered with a traceable test report. On request also accredited calibration certificates are issued.

In the program you will find three types of flow meters: The screw, turbine and gear models. Every model is available in a row of versions like sizes, combinations of materials and different connections, e g flange and ermeto.

The following is a survey of what KEM is offering. In the portfolio you also find frequency-analogue transmitters and monitoring systems. Pentronic supplies detailed datasheets over all models. KEM also make customized flow meters


Turbine flow meter


For the measuring of sporadic or continuous flow of low viscosity like fuel, oil liquid food, pharmaceutical fluid, solvent, liquid gas and demineralized water.

  • Flow rates from 0.03 to 48 000 litres per minute
  • Inner diameter from 3 to 300 mm
  • Flow temperatures from -260 to +350 °C
  • Working pressure up to 4 000 bar
  • Viscosity up to 15 mm2/s.
  • More than 60 standard models
  • Explosion protection according to EExiaIICT6


Screw flow meter

Flow meters with a great dynamic range and low sensibility to varying viscosity. For the measurement of liquids and solvents, e g fat, oil, bonding agents, polyurethane, polymers and hydraulic oils. 

  • Working pressure up to 400 bar (more on request)
  • Flow rate from 0.004 to 1 000 litres per minute
  • KEM's unique proximity sensor linearizes the flow rate within ±0.25 %
  • Viscosity from 1 to 1 x 106 mm2/s
  • Flow temperature from -50 to +150 ºC. (More on request)
  • Explosion protection according to EExiaIICT6


Gear flow meter

Suitable for measuring liquids and solvents with normal or high viscosity like hydraulic oil, alltypes of paints anf lacquers, isocyanate, wax, bonding agents, PVC, liquid epoxy, plastics and filling substances.

  • Working pressure up to 640 bar
  • Viscosity from 5 to 10 000 mm2/s
  • Flow rates from 0.005 to 1 000 litres per minute
  • Linearity ±0.5 % of measured value
  • Temperature up to 180 °C
  • Explosion protection according to EExiaIICT6