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Explanations - Instruments


The IR-pyrometer is a temperature sensor though it measures contactlessly. All bodies at temperatures above 0 K (kelvin) radiate infrared light which is propotional to the temperature of the body.

In our product portfolio you will find:


Signals are often transferred to measurement and control systems by the aid of transmitters. A wide product range is available of transmitters that can be mounted in sensor terminal heads or in cabinets on DIN-rails. The transmitters transmits the sensor signal into e. g. 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, Profibus or Hart and other signal buses.

Indicators and controllers

Pentronic markets indicators and controllers with inputs for temperature sensors and other process signals. Our experience and knowledge are important when selecting equipment, sensors and other instrumentation.

Handheld thermometers

Often small mobile thermometers are needed, for example at maintenance and check-out work. We market a number of kits containing equipment for common purposes. Moreover it is possible to design instrumentation for special purposes.

Note that there are handheld high performance thermometers available in chapter Calibration. Sensors for handheld units you will find under chapter Temperature sensors (Thermocouples or Pt100).


A simple way of saving documentation from production, testing and troubleshooting is using dataloggers. Today dataloggers replace paper line recorders in many cases. Our selection of loggers cover simple models as well as advanced loggers for demanding applications.

Calibration equipment

To assure traceability in measurements in a plant down to the actual process thermometer calibration equipment is needed. By the experiences of our accredited laboratory we have gathered a lot of knowledge and know-how of the field. We have a wide selection of instruments, furnaces and baths for calibration.


We have a selection of very accurate flowmeters dedicated to liquids within a very wide range of viscosity, from 1 to 106 mm2/s. Examples of applications are paints, lacquers, PUR, glues, PVC, hydraulic oils and airflows as well as flows of the areas of food and pharmaceutics.

Moisture monitors

Since many years Pentronic has supplied mainly Swedish industry with equipment for contactless online measurement of moisture, fat, protein etc. Also film and coating thicknesses can be measured continuously and contactlessly. We also supply mesurement systems for laboratory use or sampling in processes. Examples of applications are: Paper, cellulose, converting, forest, bioenergy, foods, pharmaceuticals etc.