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Quality, environmental and other company approvments

Evaluation of Pentronic as supplier

The target of this page is to facilitate your evaluation of Pentronic as supplier. It contains information that frequently is requested by our new customers. Click the links to get more detailed information.

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Quality management system ISO 9001

Pdf Certificate of third party

Quality co-ordinator: Josefin Knutsson
Phone: +46 (0)490-25 85 08

9001-14001-blue-w100 14-01-16 Certifikat 9001 sv.jpg


Environmental management system ISO 14001

Pdf Certificate of third party

Environmental co-ordinator: Josefin Knutsson
Phone: +46 (0)490-25 85 08

9001-14001-blue-w100 14-01-16 Certifikat 14001 sv.jpg


Policy for Conflict minerals

Pdf Pentronic’s Conflict minerals policy

Environmental co-ordinator: Josefin Knutsson
Phone: +46 (0)490-25 85 08


Policy Personal Data

Pdf Pentronic’s personal data policy

President: Rikard Larsson
Phone: +46 (0)490-25 85 10


Accredited temperature laboratory 0076

Scope of accreditation.

Head of Laboratory: Lars Grönlund
Phone: +46 (0)490-25 85 21

AKL17025v2 Akl 0076


Quality management system approved by Swedish Nuclear Power Industry

Pentronic manufactures temperature sensors for the nuclear power industry that makes its own certifications of their suppliers. The current Swedish approval is valid until 2015-05-01.

The review was performed by inspectors at the OKG nuclear power plant at Oskarshamn and the result is distributed to all the nuclear power plants of the country. 

The TVO of Finland has certified Pentronic and this approval is valid until 2018-09-19.

Moreover Pentronic has been inspected and certified by well-known international suppliers of nuclear power industry.

OKG1w 200


Pentronic is pre-qualified as supplier to Nordic power generation industry via sellihca

See the certificate

Sellihca -logga -w 200