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One of the largest on temperature in Europe

Pentronic is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of industrial temperature sensors. In Scandinavia we are the leading supplier of equipment for temperature measurement to industry, research and education. We manufacture temperature sensors in our own facility, primarily Pt100 and thermocouples.

We work with world leading manufacturers of calibration equipment, measurement and control instrumentation, optical temperature measurement and measurement equipment for moisture, thickness and flow. Manufacturing is carried on in two own plants in the Västervik region. The office and the laboratory are located at Verkebäck, a small village 10 km south of Västervik.

Pentronic was founded in 1977. The company has enjoyed continual growth through bad and good times. We currently have about 90 employees in a company characterized by a high degree of automation combined with highly skilled handwork. The organization is very lean, resulting in high production capacity and dependable delivery schedules.



Pentronic's hallmark is our knowledge concerning temperature as a physical quantity and how to measure it accurately in practice. Thanks to our advanced production facilities that include proprietary processing and laser welding, we can offer tailor-made solutions and standardized equipment in both small and large quantities.



We have our own calibration laboratory, accredited for temperature and electrical resistance and current (SWEDAC 0076). Our laboratory is unique among European manufacturers and has resources to rival many national laboratories. The calibration laboratory is a vital element in our development work and quality control. We also perform contract on-site calibration for both clients and our colleagues in the industry.



Pentronic operates a comprehensive training activity. Since the start our courses have attracted approximately 2000 technicians totally in Scandinavia. Our first course, "Traceable Temperature Measurement 1", was opened in 1991 and has today become something of an institution in Sweden.

Stock market

Pentronic is owned by Indutrade, which is traded on the Stockholm exchange.


Pentronic is a supplier to world-leading manufacturers in the following fields:
• Food processing and packaging
• Power generation
• Pharmaceutics, sterilization, disinfection and medical equipment
• Automotive
• Steel and process industry

Pentronic has many OEM customers using specially designed sensors as well as instruments, cables and connectors. Both our OEM customers and end users are found in a wide variety of different businesses in the fields of: packaging, sterilization, pharmaceutics, power generation (including nuclear power), automotive, marine diesels, gas and steam turbines, food, chemicals, paper and mining.

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